Rich Content & Media

Nurture a solid hit rate on your website using rich content and syndication. Keep your customers updated with timely information about your service offerings and business ventures. Online magazine or simply corporate sites we have what you need.

Online Retail Outlets

Would you like to extend your business over to the internet? We will use the most robust shopping engine as the backbone to your website as well as implement the appropriate mechanisms to ensure your identity on the internet is safeguarded.

Corporate Look?

Would you like to give your company corporate identity on the internet? Our team believes that a proper website will turn a prospective visitor into a customer, advocate or loyal supporter.

Corporate Portals


Are you in dear need for corporate identity on the web? Don’t worry... our creative skills are equally balanced to fulfill these needs. To say it all, alongside our technical skill, we love web design & branding!

We know that every prospect will at least visit your website once before taking the next step in making business with you. This makes your visual identity on the web the one most important tool to attract new customers.  And more than making a website that looks good it must also fully engage its viewers. It should expose every direct lead of information that may entice a visitor into selecting you as their supplier.

We are here to help you. If you feel that the visibility & awareness of your current website is outdated and ineffective, or simply would like to push your brand up the ladder and don’t know how then please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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Sample image Welcome to Lucid. We are a high quality brand and website provider. We are working with businesses from all areas in transforming their online and offline presence.

We welcome you to get in touch with us so as to give you the visual identity your company deserves.